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YY-SHL-605 5W Solar power generation system

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Solar Power Generation System

The solar power system has the advantages of being simple in structure, convenient to maintain and possess short circuit & power-load protection from voltage fluctuations. It is especially suitable and designed for family and home requirements. It is an efficient high-performance system.


About maintenance of solar panels

Solar panel when working normally, generates enough charge, invariably increasing the battery service life. Therefore, always ensure to keep the solar panels clean from dust and dirt which tend to accumulate over time. It influences the solar panels to the light transmission rate, reducing the light-electricity conversion efficiency, thus the low amount of charge leading to the battery power loss and an automatic shutdown.

Warranty period: One year warranty, (on expiry, we provide long-term provision of maintenance services to provide accessories only )


In China, as most of the solar power generation system is to be connected to the grid, usually, when there are no people at home using electricity than the electricity generated automatically return to the grid. In the night, people then use the grid electricity and based on power usage obtain state electricity subsidies. It helps reduce the cost of the system, improve the return on investment, so the users generally do not consider the use of batteries to store power because of the high cost involved in replacing the battery in few years.


Use of storage batteries is mainly recommended for off-network users, such as an island, the mountain top, prairie and another area where the power grid is difficult to reach. Also in places like Africa & underdeveloped places, where power distribution network is not established, an inverter is required to convert solar generated DC power to AC power for using appliances. Also, a controller is required to be synchronized to configure the optimum level of battery charging thereby extending the service life.


Solar power generated can be used directly or stored in a battery or sent back to the power grid.


The photovoltaic industry currently uses lead-acid batteries and are divided into three main categories: Exhaust energy storage battery, Valve controlled storage battery and Colloidal storage battery. Every situation is case specific and following aspects are to be considerations before choosing the correct type of battery to be used.


1] The battery should be suitable for a wide range of temperatures. The normal range for operating is -30C to 60 C. it helps to charge and discharge normally and to withstand power demands.


2] Performance should be very good, even in the cold areas.


3] Capacity consistency requirements - In the multi-block battery, the string is used to harness full capacity to maintain consistency in order to obtain maximum efficiency.


4] Should have a long life, this is to reduce maintenance costs, reduce the overall investment of solar power generation system.


5] Possess the ability to maintain high power even in an unstable charging environment.


6]  Lithium batteries are better than conventional lead acid batteries but the cost of investment go up.



5W YY-SHL-605 solar power generation system



1.     Housing material: Iron powder

2.     Solar panel: 18V5W

3.     Energy storage devices: Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries 12V4A;

4.  Light-emitting devices: 12V2W light bulb 2PC

5.  Light colour: Bright light

6.     Can be irradiated range: 12 square meters (a light bulb)

7.  Use time: In the case of the battery can be filled with 2W light bulb 2PC can work for 8 hours continuously

8.     Outline dimension: Solar panel: 250*179*18mm

                 Control box: 120*95*150mm

9.     Packing size: Inner box: 295*148*200mm

            Outer case: 454*305*420 (5 sets)

10.     Single weight: 3.7KG/ sets


Note: The whole set of accessories are as follows:

           Solar panels: 1PC (wire - 5meters)

     Main engine box: 1PC

     Light bulb: 2PC

     Line lamp, lamp: 2PC (wire 5 meters)


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