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YY-HLG-100W Solar power generation system

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Solar Power Generation System

The solar power system has the advantages of being simple in structure, convenient to maintain and possess short circuit & power-load protection from voltage fluctuations. It is especially suitable and designed for family and home requirements. It is an efficient high-performance system.


About maintenance of solar panels

Solar panel when working normally, generates enough charge, invariably increasing the battery service life. Therefore, always ensure to keep the solar panels clean from dust and dirt which tend to accumulate over time. It influences the solar panels to the light transmission rate, reducing the light-electricity conversion efficiency, thus the low amount of charge leading to the battery power loss and an automatic shutdown.

Warranty period: One year warranty, (on expiry, we provide long-term provision of maintenance services to provide accessories only )


YY-HLG-100W   100W Solar Power Generation System


1. Housing material: Iron powder

2. Solar panel: 18V100W

3. Energy storage devices: Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries 12V65AH;

4. Controller: 12V10A

5. Inverter: 300W 220V/110V sine wave

6. Can be irradiated range: 12 square meters (a light bulb)

7. Use time: In the case of the battery

5W*10PC:6 hours,

75W TV: 4 hours

Fan 55W:5 hours

Enough sunlight to charge 12-14 hours;

8. Single size: 1128*660*35mm

             Host: 480*220*360mm

9. Packing size: host: 585*325*540mm

       Solar panel: 1150*680*40mm

10. Packaging weight information: 55kg/pc


Note: The whole set of accessories are as follows:

        solar panel: 1PC

    Main engine box: 1PC

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